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a human pirate archer miniature
Cost 3, Evil Pirate Minion, Att. 3, Def. 1, HP 4
Special: If not engaged in combat he can hit the hero for 1 point of damage if he forgoes his attack phase.

a large parrot miniature
Cost 3, Evil Pirate Minion, Att. 2, Def. 2, HP 4

a small articulated canon miniature
Cost 7, Evil Pirate Minion, Att. 6, Def. 3, HP 10

a human pirate taskmaster miniature
Cost 4, Evil Pirate Minion, Att. 1, Def. 3, HP 4
Special: Can summon one pirate minion a turn. The minion must have a cost of 4 or less.

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