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Calendar of events of significance to the game.

12.02.2001 D'Mare fin opened! (look for a caravan at Semanri's north gate)

12.02.2001 Monk guild opened!

01.12.2002 Ranger guild opened!

02.02.2002 First craft is released -- gemcutting. This is the first of many crafts and professions to be released that give players an alternate method of experience and gold gain. This one requires a solid working knowledge of crafts and gem-cutting tools. Rogues will find this skill the easiest to practice, but anyone is welcome to try

02.23.2002 Wizard class released in D'Mare Fin. This class allows Mages to advance beyond level 20, includes more spells and spell casts, and paves the way for future classes and professions.

06.30.2002 Death system changes! We're migrating towards a corpse/resurrection system so be alert that you will now be rendered useless if you die. You can type 'RELEASE' as a corpse to invoke the old death system mechanics.

06.30.2002 Resurrection spell released for clerics. This spell is currently only available from other people who know it. If you are not able to find a willing teacher, you will have to wait until the treasure system is rebuilt before finding spell scrolls with Resurrection on them.

07.08.2002 Druid guild in Tes'Kata Village welcomes new members.

08.15.2002 A shimmering dome over the area of D'Mare Fin flares upward, and shatters. Glittering remnants of a broken illusion fall towards the earth, and disappear, as if they never were. After the sighting of this dome the jungle that was in D'Mare Fin was no longer. Now there is a huge forest and rumor has it that different sorts of giants roam that area now, please proceed with caution.

08.19.2002 The pirate's dungeon section of the Invader's Quest has now been reopened (this is Istillian Islands island #2). This area was previously part of a quest and has been developed to be a standard gaming area now. Crystal shards charged with obsidians are the only way in at the moment as well they are the only way out, so be careful! (Yes, you can obtain gems in this area) The spiders are intended to be hunted by characters of levels 6th through 8th and the pirates/buccaneers are intended to be hunted by characters of levels 8th through 10th.

08.21.2002 The Semanri Thieves' guild announces... NOTHING! (They're secret, sneaky!) They are now open, however, if you can find the guildhall.

08.29.2002 Paladin abilities Lay Hands, Bless Weapon, Defensive Bonus, Protect Others, and Inspire Others have been coded and are live. The Paladin guild will be launched this Sunday (on 9/1/02) with a nice event. Be sure to be here! The Paladin guild will allow members to join from Clerics or Fighters of at least 10th level. If you are a cleric, you will keep all of your spells (but will not be able to learn more clerical spells as a paladin). Likewise, if you are a fighter, you will get to keep all of your weapon and armor abilities.

08.30.2002 Ranger and Wizard guilds have been extended to 50th level maximum from 40th. New titles for 45th and 50th-level rangers and wizards have been released.

09.15.2002 The Barbarian guild in the Cillyn Wastelands is now open to would-be combatants. The Cillyn Wastelands are north of Cal'Ziz.

10.27.2002 Telari's Escape, a fine gaming establishment in Semanri, near the northeastern town square, has opened for travelers who are seeking to play Castles with each other. Come join the fun!

05.29.2003 Play with your hair, it's okay! You can now TIE, UNTIE, BRAID, UNBRAID, BRUSH, and COMB your hair (brushing / combing requires a brush or comb item). Styling, dying, and cutting hair may be available in the future!

07.18.2003 The Bard's Guild of Tes'Kata Village is now accepting new members! Look for the wrought-iron gate just north of town along the Selkan Trade Route.

07.23.2003 The Healer's Guild of Semanri is now accepting new members! The guild entrance is a few spots north of the Semanri west gate.

07.25.2003 The Martial Artist's guild of Mount Lexunaze is now accepting new members! Mount Lexunaze is northeast of Tes'Kata Village near the shores of the Bottomless River and up a huge flight of stairs. The guild welcomes monks of level 15 and higher.

08.17.2003 Crystal Fragments have been modified to allow more flexibility in their use, while increasing their difficulty to use. Crystal fragments can no longer be RUBbed to tune to different locations. Now you must TUNE the fragments to the location you want (TUNE FRAGMENT TO SEMANRI, etc.). For now, the following locations can be tuned: Semanri, D'Mare Fin, Cal'Ziz, Crystal Caverns, Pirate's Dungeon, Mantaya Isle, Istiilian Islands, and Tes'Kata Village. There is also the risk now that if you try and tune your fragment to a location that is well outside of your abilities and you happen to fail miserably (4% chance), you could destroy the crystal fragment. This is extremely rare and should only happen if you're clearly trying to tune your fragment to a location you don't belong in (level 3 character trying to tune to Mantaya Isle, for example).

11.27.2003 The Crystal Caverns dwarven city has opened their gates for all to explore. Welcome all!

02.04.2004 the Thief guild rewrite/re-release is done and live! Consult our forums for a full list of updates as well as the ABILITIES command in game. If you are a Thief and are over level 20, then see your guildleader to learn the ability you missed: Repeating Crossbow Proficiency. Forum link is here:

03.02.2004 the Barbarian guild rewrite/re-release is done and live! Consult our forums for a full list of updates as well as the ABILITIES command in game. Forum link is here:

05.04.2004 The CRAWL command has been released. Those without legs (or simply not standing) can crawl away and through most doors, etc. now.

05.11.2004 A new hunting area for levels 55-71 has been released! Beware!

05-30-2004 The Druid rewrite is complete and live! To get abilities and spells you may have missed, visit your guildleader and ASK her about your LEVEL. The tree caring system has not been upgraded as previously announced due to some complications, but we are working on it. The rest, including shapeshifting, is all live. Also, we're aware some GO/portal exits may show the wrong description for you and that many emotes don't work that should (like WHINE, GROWL, etc.) while you're shapeshifted. We will be weeding these out one at a time, so please hold your feedback on any problems falling in that category. Enjoy, Druids!

05-31-2004 The barrier beyond the hell hounds and tribal hunter area fell into the swamp today, opening way to the Soul Stealer swamp. Brave adventurers who find their way through will discover that the town of V'Rung has opened, as well.

06-13-2004 Secure, private storage vaults are now available for use. There are four vault rooms in the huge dome building in Semanri, South Town Square. If you experience any problems, please report it to the staff immediately. Enjoy!

07-15-2004 The most basic features of Homes 2.0 has been released. Homes can be claimed and purchased, guests can be set, homes can even be abandoned. Customization and furnishings are not yet possible

09-12-2004 official staff-hosted guild meeting dates have been posted. Please see for more details.

09-19-2004 the Necromancer guild has been released! Find GuildMaster Garren in the ruined tower out in the dangerous Soulstealer Swamp. This guild is not for novices, so become familiar with the game before deciding that Necromancy is the life for you. Please note that characters that are Necromancers should not be treated as exempt from our current player policy. They are not automatically evil. Enjoy!

11-17-2005 the Enchanting system preview is now live, which currently features one enchantable item: crystal fragments can be created by skilled and/or high-level Wizards with a specific gemstone. See ENCHANT for more details (yes, most classes will ultimately be able to enchant and imbue items with different magic types).

11-20-2005 various typos have been fixed in a dozen emotes. Also, messaging has been changed or added to the following emotes: GRIN <self>, KISS CHEEK <target>, SIGH <self> (four different options), and STRETCH <self>.

01-11-2006 Spell descriptions for all Necromancer spells and trainable Elemental spells may now be viewed in game via SPELL INFO, if you have learned the spell. In addition, the official spell library has been updated with all current spells of all magic types. Enjoy!

01-15-2006 The Barbarian guild foundry is now open. Access limited to guildmembers only.

01-18-2006 A fix was made to Druid barehanded combat, which was giving far more damage than it should have. Druids who were previously monks still do not gain their unarmed combat bonuses (now that we have shapeshifting).

01-18-2006 A fix was made to Avian wings, which were not retaining their feather color. If you are an Avian or Half-Avian and missing your desired feather color, please ASSIST for the staff to relocate you to the character management system to rechoose this feature.

04-24-2006 Race/class combination titles added to TITLE

05-23-2006 you can now RUB some imbued resources (the ones that can add weapon damage and minor spell protection) to grant temporary magic shields. This applies to most of the Wizard-imbued items, but other classes have similar imbues. The shields last for five minutes or for the first time you would be damaged by that type of attack and the degree of protection is exceptionally high.

06-02-2006 upon death, characters will lose all experience in their training experience pool that has not been converted to knowledge experience yet.

06-02-2006 upon resurrection, characters will now receive a temporary penalty to ability scores and experience earned for a short duration while they recover.

06-21-2006 sandpaper can be purchased correctly again in the forge. White sand and raw hops are for sale in the forge. Honeysuckle flower and orange pumpkins can now be foraged (but are both only found in specific terrain types).

06-28-2006 you can now prevent individual characters from healing you by using the ALLOW and DENY verbs. By default, anyone who is not specifically denied from healing you will be allowed. This includes all healing spells (cure light wounds, restoration, cure poison, etc.), indirect healing (health barrier, death struggle, etc.), life-giving magic (resurrection, reanimate dead), and the TEND verb. Enjoy!

07-14-2006 the Barbarian ability CHARGE can no longer be used in safe rooms.

07-18-2006 the bug causing Avian wing colors to reset has been fixed. Please ASSIST if you would like the opportunity to reselect your Avian wing color.

07-19-2006 the Barbarian ability CHARGE will now leave skinable corpses (if the creature you killed with CHARGE was supposed to be skinable).

07-22-2006 Bash will attack whatever target you're at melee with if you use it by itself. This helps confusion with the barbarian Bash ability to destroy trapped boxes.

07-28-2006 Malistofe invasion and plotline event launched

08-01-2006 Crystaline Slab plotline event launched

08-08-2006 item protection in newer-style homes has been repaired (all homes created within the last two years). Items in a house should deny access to people who are not the owner or designated guest.

08-09-2006 in response to overwhelming popular vote, necromancers can once again spread madness throughout the lands with their ability to reanimate the dead into zombies (DENY HEALING does not apply to them). Please note that our player policy has been updated to allow consentual player-versus-player actions against Necromancer characters at will (section A safehaven for Necromancers is located within certain parts of their guild, of which only they can access. Furthermore, only Necromacer's can tune crystal fragments there. To accomodate this change, Garren has relocated his office downstairs.

09-12-2006 the Teaching system is now online! You can TEACH skills to each other for passive skill gain. Enjoy!

12-19-2006 a series of Homes 2.0 upgrades have been released, including the ability to purchase furniture (from a soon-to-be-released store), the ability to have furniture delivered and displaced (appraise furniture in your house to check if it's displacable) -- which lets you move furniture from one home to another, and the ability for us to more smoothly and efficiently create multiple-room homes. Enjoy!

12-20-2006 a new furniture store has opened up on Mercy Lane, in Semanri! When you buy furniture from there, the item will be delivered to the home of your choice. Simply purchase the item, then go to the home and type HOME FURNITURE for futher directions. Happy shopping!

12-22-2006 effective immediately, tin nuggets, gold nuggets, and curing salts can no longer be found in the Semanri Forge. The shop sells mining picks, though, and you may harvest your own by finding mineral deposits and veins of metal throughout the lands of Eaxia. You should start seeing some of the low-end resource nodes out in the Plains Of The Martyr, for example.

12-22-2006 nodes for tiers 3-6 have been released in a variety of areas. For those of you wondering where gold is, try playing around near giants -- but be sure to have your mining skill in good shape if you expect to dig out anything.

01-10-2007 SING updates (to sing in a variety of moods)

01-21-2007 effective immediately, Necromancer characters are no longer exempt from the full rules of CONSENT. The policy page at our website reflects this change.

4-1-2010 The Celestial Beings? first appeared.

5-30-2010 A festival was held south of Semanri?.

6-15-2010 The Eaxia Store opened!

12-23-2010 Telin opened!

2-20-2011 Eaxia Online goes completely FREE!

5-24-2011 The HELP COMMANDS syntax has been updated to reflect three newer verbs -- BOO, PUNCH?, and STROKE?.

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