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Whether this is your first character in Eaxia, or you are a veteran player looking for a fresh start, congratulations on the beginning of your journey!

First things first, you ought to decide what Prestige Class you would like to work towards (or at least get an idea).
Keep in mind that most players, regardless of class, level their characters primarily by melee combat.

Barbarians are a fighting class with no spells and begin their training in the fighters' guild. They learn some unique combat moves along the way.

Bards have spells that give them and their group formidable buffs to aid them in combat and begin their lives as travelers.

Druids use many nature type spells both in and out of combat and learn the ability to shapeshift into various powerful animal forms. It is most beneficial to train first as a cleric until level 18 to learn resurrection and some other healing spells, but monk is also a base class option.

Healers learn spells that allow them to restore health to themselves and others as well as share their own health with others near and far. They train first as clerics.

Martial Artists receive armor bonuses when wearing no armor (about equivalent to light/medium armor), are able to attack twice in unarmed combat, and learn to focus their chi for various effects such as summoning a chi blade, a pretty nice dagger weapon. They train first in the monks guild.

Necromancers have the ability to summon minions to aid them in combat, cast curses with various debilitating effects, and reanimate other players into zombies. Although they don't retain spells from their base class, it is beneficial to train first as a cleric because they receive more armor proficiencies than mages.

Paladins can bless others for a small amount of health restoration and a small increase in armor rating, and ought to train as clerics first in order to get some of the healing spells and most importantly the resurrection spell, although fighters can advance into the Paladins' guild.

Rangers have the ability to track other players as well as identify traps in boxes like travelers. They ought to train first as fighters to be proficient with all armors and weapons, although the travelers guild is also an option.

Thieves are able to backstab their opponents in combat, apply poisons to weapons, and put armaments like spikes, blades, or barbs on armor. Only travelers can become thieves.

Wizards learn many combat spells in addition to some teleportation spells. They must train first as mages.

Base class information can be found here: Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Monk, Traveler.

I will be adding information on racial bonuses as well as viable starting stats.

Once you make it into the land...

To begin, you will need to get ahold of an ensyiatite device so you can hear others thoughts and talk to everyone with the THINK command.
And you ought to also obtain a crystal fragment. They can be used to teleport you to Semanri as well as other cities. A guide for tuning frags can be found here: Fragments/Shards Guide.

Here is a list of creatures you will be hunting: Creature List.
And this here is a good collection of maps: Maps.

Be sure also to bookmark this wiki page, where you will find more information to aid you in your travels: Useful Links.

Links are to Astrid's Treehouse and The Sacred Grove.
I encourage you to visit their sites for more useful information.

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